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Youth for Nature Magazine focuses on bringing current environmental news, informative pieces on India’s wildlife and wild places, and engaging activities to bring children closer to nature. We take pride in showcasing the work of children as well as professionals working to save India’s wilderness to inspire youth to speak for our natural world.

Contact us at yfn.magazine@gmail.com with any questions or contributions to our next issue! We always look forward to hearing from friendly voices!

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Issue 1: World Environment Day

Our pilot issue was released in June 2020 for World Environment Day. Immerse yourself in learning about biomes of India and their unique inhabitants, and read why children across the world believe that we must protect nature. Engage yourself with a crossword or two, and a quiz on India’s wildlife!

Our First Kids Book is Up for Reading on Pratham Books’ Storyweaver Platform! Do check it out and enjoy!

A Snake in My Bathroom

Written by Priya Ranganathan and Dincy Mariyam | Illustrated by Asmita Sapre Ranganathan

Or feel free to download a PDF copy of our book below! Just don’t forget to share it with your friends and family!

Issue 2: Wildlife Week

Learn about some of India’s rare wildlife, read about key issues surrounding wildlife in India today, and find out who won the art and writing competitions for this exciting week of wild happenings!

Download the PDF of Issue 2 below!!! Featuring interesting articles, activities to do at home, and the winners of the art and essay competitions!

Try your hand at our wild word search in honour of Wildlife Week! Download the PDF here and enjoy! Hint: scroll down to the second page of the PDF to find the answer key!

Check out the entries in our HIGHLY competitive wild art contest!

Featuring the contestants from our YOUNGEST group – Ages 5-8, Theme: My Favourite Wild Animal OR Backyard Birds

Here are the entries in our next group – Ages 9-12, Theme: Backyard/Urban Wildlife OR Under the Sea

And finally, here are the entries in the most senior category – Ages 13-18, Theme: Rare Wildlife OR the Amazing Jungle

And don’t forget to check out our amazing entries in the essay competition! We had 30 entries across three age groups and it was terribly difficult to choose our top entries! Download the 3 PDF files here – one for each group – and read the entries for yourselves…

Issue 3: New Year, Renewing India’s Environment!

With the arrival of a new year comes new responsibilities – responsibilities towards our environment and natural resources. Global pandemics are known to be caused by rampant disregard for our climate and wilderness. What will you, as the youth of India, do to help make positive change in your neighbourhoods, cities, and in your homes? Flip through the first issue of 2021 to learn how we can work together to renew India’s environment!