Seeing Red: A Glimpse into the Ecology of South Asia’s Least-Understood Canid

Dive into this post about the world's least-studied canid, the dhole (Asiatic wild dog). Learn about the ecology, behaviour, and threats to the continued survival of this wild dog in an increasingly human-dominated world. Will science and conservation efforts be able to bring this dog back to its former range?


Saving Aarey: Why Citizens of Mumbai Must Rise to Save this Eden from Development

As an entire city struggles to take a breath of fresh air, Maharashtra's urban development department sanctions the conversion of 33 hectares of tree cover in Mumbai's Aarey Colony to create a metro shed. Spread over 3,160 acres (1278.8 ha) of land, Aarey Milk Colony is a veritable Garden of Eden in Mumbai's Goregaon East,…

Killer Roadways: Can Conservation and Development Occur Side-by-Side?

Roads link human settlements...and fragment wildlife habitat. One of the driving forces behind the movement to designate and build wildlife corridors was to avoid the hazards that roads pose towards wildlife. Roads travel through rare and limited habitats and niches, divide territories of large wildlife, and impede the free dispersal of migratory terrestrial species, such as elephants...